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Auburn California Internet Service Provider
July 28, 2015
California Internet Service Provider
We partnered with DigitalPath because
they have the fastest unlimited
wireless service at the best prices.

Call us at (530) 478-9822 for service
availability in the Nevada County, CA region.
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In a rural geographically diverse area such as ours, there are many places where DSL or cable service is not available. Fixed wireless is your best bet. Spiral Internet partnered with DigitalPath (a Wireless Internet Service Provicer or WISP) because we both have the same vision – unlimited Internet at speeds that will let you watch streaming video. If we can't offer you DSL, call us at (530) 478-9822 and we’ll let you know if DigitalPath service is available at your location.

You can get 3 Megabits per second (Mbps) down / 1 Mbps up for $49.95 per month, and 6 Mbps down / 1 Mbps down for only $10 more per month. These are not promotional rates that will be raised after one year of service. Fair and predictable pricing. We like that. At speeds that Neflix likes too. Since service requires that the antenna dish be able to "see" the tower (called "line of sight") where the DigitalPath signal originates, installation sometimes requires that the dish be installed in a tree. Monthly prices for service with tree installation are $15 extra per month. So, $64.95 per month for 3 Mbps / 1 Mbps and $74.95 per month for 6 Mbps / 1 Mbps.

Numbers can be misleading. Some wireless providers offer similar prices for much lower speeds. 512kbps, 768kbps, and 1.5Mbps speeds are no longer tolerable for anything but general email and some website browsing. Netflix will not work if your provider says they offer "burstable" speeds of 3 Mbps. Always ask what sustained speed you can expect.

Other local WISPs have data limits. Digital Path provides service over their own network and, like us, believes that data limits are a thing of the past. Unlimited is very 21st century.

DigitalPath is a regional ISP based in Chico, CA. You'll find that they offer free friendly and helpful technical support.

DigitalPath has a $249 installation fee, that you can ask to have amortized over a few months. There are no equipment costs, although a DigitalPath dish will be installed on your home or other building that best can “see” one of their broadcast facilities. If the best way to receive a signal is literally “up a tree”, then DigitalPath charges an additional one time charge of $46 for that work.


Is this satellite service? No way. DigitalPath offers fixed wireless service, which means Internet access is broadcasted from the highest elevations in the area. Satellite broadcasts from space, over 20,000 miles away. That is why inclement weather affect the access, and the Internet can sometimes be perceived as slow. It is called latency. Every bit of data has to go up 20,000 miles and back down again, then reversed. So delays cause the perception of slow access. DigitalPath speeds are fast and snappy. Besides satellite Internet service is expensive and they have data limits. Not cool.
30-day money back guarantee. Once DigitalPath sets up your service, you have 30 days to consider if it works well for you. If you're not pleased with the service within that time frame, they will return to your home, remove their equipment, and give you a full refund.
Email service. If you want, DigitalPath provides email accounts with your service.
The future is here. We are the folks who organized the 95959google initiative. We are still busily working on bringing faster Internet access here. We're pleased that DigitalPath inow part of our family.
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