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Auburn California Internet Service Provider
May 22, 2019
California Internet Service Provider
DSL for You
What our customers say...
“WOW, what excellent service, and so fast!! I could kick myself for not
realizing sooner that I had this problem. Thanks so much. This is a genuine benefit of doing business locally.”
~ Susan R., Grass Valley
"You guys are a class one company. I wish you lots of success, we need more companies and organizations like yours. My experience has been wonderful with your staff. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to all my family and friends."
~ Assad Z., Sacramento
“You guys are great! You’re always courteous. You give excellent service, and you’re local. I wouldn't change for the world.”
~ Michael B., Nevada City
“From the beginning of my signing on as a customer, any time I called with a problem, I got to speak to an actual person almost immediately! And then, I was spoken to and walked through setting things right with respect, friendliness and real know-how. This is the reason that I am with Spiral today because I am an old and satisfied customer of NCCN. I have withstood the blandishments of the various sales promotions for the many years of our relationship, but upgraded to DSL with Spiral when it became available, and am very comfortable and happy with my Internet provider. Thanks for the years of out-of-the ordinary personal support service.”
~ Carol M., Penn Valley
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Unlike AT&T,
Spiral DSL has
no data limits!

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Spiral Beanies

We are a
DigitalPath Wireless
authorized reseller.
Speeds up to 10Mbps.
No phone line required.

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Nevada County. Connected.
Find out what’s happening in Nevada County here.
Reliable no-contract prices for Spiral DSL
high-speed Internet access for home or business!

Our DSL Internet access prices reliable and lower overall than AT&T’s and other local providers. We require no contracts. Spiral DSL Home is as low as $37.95/mo. Spiral DSL Business is as low as $47.95/mo. Plus you get local friendly technical support, no intrusive software installed on your computer, and the best spam filtering system around if you decide to use our email services. We offer DSL based on the location of your residence or business. Check your DSL availability first, then call us at (530) 478-9822. We offer DSL service throughout California.
Accelerated Dial-up
Dial-up Internet access is a cost-effective alternative for basic service in low-infrastructure areas. We already provide accelerated access at no extra charge. Total cost: as low as $14.95 per month for our Personal Dial-up service. Just bring your WiFi enabled laptop to town, stop in a local cafe for coffee or tea, breakfast or lunch, then log on when you need faster service.
Free Local Tech Support
Be aware, some of the so-called “cheap” Internet access providers charge up to $1.95 per minute to help you on the phone. We pride ourselves with our friendly, courteous, patient, and (yes) free technical support. Your computer isn’t always easy to navigate; and if you’re new to technology or just new to your computer software, it can be somewhat daunting. We take the time to help you with your email and Internet access. And we’re right here in downtown Nevada City. Call us at (530) 478-9822. We’ll answer.
“We would like to let you know how much we appreciate having a local Internet Service Provider. On a number of occasions we have needed an answer to a technical question, or two, and you have always come through for us. In these high-tech times, with endless phone menus to work through, it is so refreshing to have a real person answer our call. If our call was not answered right away by you, someone was always quick to get back to us. Living in downtown Nevada City, we also love being able to walk into your office to pay our bill, being graciously greeted by your staff! Thank you for making us proud to support a locally-owned business, and keep up the great work!”
~ Harriet T. & Jerry C., Nevada City
(530) 478-9822
416 Broad Street,
2nd Floor
Nevada City,
California 95959

Tech Support
Mon-Thu . 9am to 5pm
Fri . 9am to 4pm
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Office Hours
Mon-Thu . 9am to 5pm
Fri . 9am to 4pm
Spam Be Gone
We use the state-of-the-art Barracuda system for filtering spam plus other powerful “secret weapons”. Each day, our system filters between 500,000 and 1,000,000 emails before they reach our customers’ email boxes. And everything that you need to receive arrives on time. We do the hard work, and you can fine-tune the results. Simple.
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